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Part one:
Improving productivity in an uncertain climate:
Areas to focus on for UK manufacturers

Key Topics:

  • Analysing the current state of UK manufacturing
  • How to beat the twin challenges of uncertainty and productivity
  • People, technology and data: where to focus first
  • Tips from Lazer Lamps, supplier to top teams in the World Rally Championship
Part one-2


Part two


Part two:
Cloud adoption and its role in transforming product manufacturing

Key topics:

  • The rate of cloud adoption among UK businesses
  • How the cloud improves productivity: the four-factor method
  • Recommended app combinations for manufacturers
  • Lessons learned from a manufacturing business who successfully supercharged productivity

Part three:
The value of insight for productivity and innovation

Key topics:

  • Why data is crucial to UK manufacturing productivity
  • The difference between good insight and bad
  • How medium business can outpace established competitors’ productivity growth
  • Using technology to improve analytics: a step-by-step guide